10 Ways On How To Spend Your Time In Lockdown Wisely

1. Start learning about the stock market

We all know the markets go up and down, but we also know to buy low and sell high. The coronavirus lockdown has caused the stock market to plummet unlike any other. Some see this as an opportunity, some see it as a threat. Whatever it is, it’s best if you read up on the topic more and understand what you can do during this lockdown to gain certain advantages by giving your wealth a boost and what disadvantages to safeguard your family from.

The thing about the stock market is that it is better to be slightly early than to join it too late. Like how years ago, people who bought Apple, Microsoft, or Amazon stocks would have never predicted how much increase the networth of their stocks would have become. You don’t have to necessarily play the market to learn more about it ─ as it teaches you human behavior, valuable financial information, and how the economy works, which in my opinion, is knowledge that is always good to possess. So why not get started during this coronavirus lockdown and kill boredom.

2. Learn about computers

Your computer is probably the most important thing to have in the lockdown right now. Even before the lockdown it was the companion that followed you everywhere and assisted you it whatever ways it can. Now your computer is the a life saver during the coronavirus lockdown.

In a time of crisis, your computer is still there for you when you need it the most ! But how many people actually know how a computer or how the Internet works ? Surprisingly, not many. People just toss out their spoiled junk and buy a new one or pay top dollars for fixes that take 5 minutes with a screw. Technology is here to stay and will continue to play an important role. It is crucial that you understand the mechanics behind your computer to better understand how the world works and also saves you some trouble as well as not getting ripped off.

Your phone is a computer, your TV has a computer, the Internet runs on computers, your cars have computers, your fridge has a computer, nearly everything in the modern world currently contains some form of digital computer under its hood ! It is never too late to learn.

The amount of benefits you can gain from simply understanding basic computer fundamentals would allow soooo many things to suddenly make sense. So why not rise above the rest and start understanding the very thing that is driving our digital world nowadays. Most technical issues are rectified by simple fixes. During the coronavirus lockdown, if the Wi-Fi router malfunctions, people would go crazy, but not you, because you actually bothered to learn how things work and fixed it yourself.

3. Start exercising

If you’re stuck in lockdown, your life probably revolves around 4 things nowadays, your bed, the kitchen, the bathroom and your computer. This period is probably the longest we have spent sitting down or laying down. So get up and start exercising, your mind and body will thank you.

Humans have an innate instinct to be active due to evolutionary reasons, your doctor is not wrong to say that exercise and eating healthy is good for you, LISTEN to your doctor. Keeping in shape means that once the lockdown ends, you can head out into the world and show off that marvelously sculpted body that others would be envious of !  Whatever exercising you choose to do, simply START MOVING ! Strengthen yourself from pathogens during this coronavirus lockdown. There is a myriad of reasons why exercise provides health benefits and one of them is keeping your heart fit. Exercise also gives your immune system a much needed boost to face the environment we live in.

4. Learn how to Cook

If you’re a great cook then this probably doesn’t concern you. Otherwise, LEARN HOW TO COOK. You’re going to be stuck in lockdown for a while and knowing how to cook well should be a mandatory skill every human ought to possess.

Good food keeps you sane as tasty food negates all the negative vibes, has anybody ever been in a bad mood after eating awesome food ? How delicious is your cooking during this coronavirus lockdown ? These are the questions you should be reflecting on during the lockdown. Even after the lockdown ends, cooking is a NECESSARY skill to continue having. Good food ─ Happy Person ─ Happy Life.

5. Make some furniture from wood

During this coronavirus lockdown, if you have access to trees, logs, fallen branches, or whatever decently size wood, start doing something with it. You could carve a wooden spoon, built a wooden bench, a wooden chair, a wooden bathtub, or even a wooden table. Our ancestors had good knowledge of woodworking and made incredible structures out of it. Not only would that piece of wooden furniture be highly unique it would also hold sentimental value for you.

Can you really forget the table you made during a historical pandemic ? Of course not ! You’re going to keep it or remember it for years to come as a reminder of tough times and how you overcame it.

Honestly you can make quite a lot of cool stuff from wood. However, I would say ─ just get the basics done first. Once the lockdown is over, get it fine-tuned with professional equipment and industrial sealants to actually use it safely. Otherwise, you can start today with simply a saw or whatever item you deem suitable for the task, so start hacking away !

6. Start Watching Documentaries

This could be space documentaries, historical documentaries, documentaries about Ancient Egypt, documentaries about fishing, or even dinosaurs ! Whatever documentary you manage to watch, you’d come as a new man with valuable knowledge in your possession. There are even documentaries about coronavirus !

Not only does it make you less ignorant, you become smarter and more knowledgeable. If you watch enough documentaries about something, you’d actually become a mini expert in that field. Who knows, it might even inspire a new passion.

Documentaries are chock-full of information that is relevant and practical to our life one way or another. Want to know how black holes form in the universe ? There’s a documentary about it. Want to know how life thrives at the bottom of the ocean ? There’s a documentary about it. Want to know how McDonalds started ? There’s a documentary about it ! So why not grab some snacks, a beverage, kick back and start finding an educational documentary to watch.

7. Read up on your local laws

Chances are you’d probably never use it, but its good knowledge to have should the situation ever arise. Afterall, we are kind of bored during the coronavirus lockdown so why not ? It’s actually pretty fun and interesting to learn about the law and discover things you’d never knew that could be passed as a legal statement. Who knows what you might discover !

You might learn that it is illegal to sing and dance in your front yard ─ or that digging a bunker is perfectly legal as long as your neighbours don’t complain ─ or perhaps finding out that having an alligator as a pet is perfectly legal without any permits in some places. Who knows what interesting stuff you can find out just by spending some time reading and understanding what the local law offers.

It is this kind of stuff that makes good conversation with buddies at the bar after the lockdown is over. Fun fact: Did you know it is illegal to get drunk IN A BAR in Alaska !? NO ! Nobody is going to know that, only someone who spent time wisely during the lockdown is going to know about stuff like this. 

8. Call your friends and family

Now this sounds simple and doesn’t seem like much but some of us don’t spend enough time with our loved ones, even before the lockdown. So it would be good if we just started contacting people to have some meaningful conversations and perhaps reconnect with those that we grew distant with over the years. Connect on an emotional level during this coronavirus lockdown.

Trust me, nobody has plans, nobody is busy, they are going to have to talk to you. However, anyone who has an excuse is probably trying to give you a hint, not to bother them for some reason. Call your mother, call your uncle, call your drinking buddies, call your football buddies, call your hairstylist and just ask them, how’s it going ? Keep these relationships strong and alive, nobody likes being lonely, support each other through tough times.

9. Remodel your house and Clean it

Ever wanted to paint your room or that ugly wall your kids drew all over ? Now is the perfect time to do home remodelling during the coronavirus lockdown. You’ve got nowhere to go and all the time in the world, stuck at home, to fully commit to remodelling your house.

Shift that couch to a new position for better lighting or fix that gaping hole you created when you were drunk. The grocery store and some hardware stores are still open so you could easily get your hands on some of these DIY items. Mow your lawn while you’re at it. Fix your gutter or change that broken lightbulb.

After remodeling, start doing a mass cleaning ! When was the last time your house got a proper deep clean. Nobody is going out for awhile, so you don’t have to worry about dirt or new bacteria being brought in. Cleaning your house provides various health and hygiene benefits that people often overlook; so why not just do it during the lockdown. Whatever your home needs to get done, do it during the lockdown as there is no better time to do it than right now ! 

10. Sleep

You probably had enough of sleeping but over the years, most of us were really busy with life and didn’t get a proper rest. The coronavirus lockdown is the perfect excuse to laze around and sleep all you want. If you have the time, go to sleep, its good for your mind, body, and soul. Because let’s be honest, after this is over and normal life resumes, you are going to wish you had slept more. Just like how kids stayed up during the summer but the moment a new semester starts, they all become walking zombies once again. So why not just get some well-deserved sleep by going to bed.

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