16 Oddly Relaxing Video Genres You Can Watch

Wondering what relaxing video you should watch ? The internet has tons of them but most people have no idea what “exactly” should they search for. Here are some oddly relaxing video suggestions that have helped us improve our mood and heal our minds. We hope it is oddly relaxing for you too !

1. Stand-Up Comedy

What’s better than laughter ? It’s not really odd but people just often forget that comedy is easily the best way to relax. Laughter is the best medicine and there a ton of stand up comedians available on YouTube and Netflix that tell hilarious jokes. Comedy is one of the best relaxing video content available out there that is timeless. Whatever kind of humor you enjoy, be it politically incorrect ones, clean comedy, food jokes, the Internet has them, you just got to look for it.

2. Nature Videos

From the likes of BBC’s renowned David Attenborough series, nature videos are some of the best videos to relax with. Our innate instinct to connect with mother nature calms and soothes our mind. Hearing the animal’s natural sounds as they are frolicking in their wild habitats, it almost feels like you’re in the wild with them, just like our primordial ancestors.

3. Cat Videos

Cute kittens, For the Cat lovers. Watch these cats laze around or get fascinated by the most mundane things. The internet loves cat videos.

4. Dog Videos

Obviously we can’t miss out dog videos. From puppies to huge majestic Tibetan Mastiff, there is a wide variety of dog videos doing different things to satisfy your day. Likewise, the internet loves cute dog videos too.

5. ASMR Videos

Trending in the recent years, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos have been gaining popularity. There are a ton of odd relaxing ASMR out there you can sift through. The pleasing audio waves provide a sensory delight to our subconscious minds through our ears. Some are so good, feels like you’re actually there ! From the sounds of eating food like crispy fried chicken, to massages, spa sounds, birds chirping, and even a coffee shop; there is practically an ASMR video for anything conceivable nowadays. They qualify as relaxing videos as the visual and audio cues do calm the mind tremendously.

6. Meditation Videos

From Buddhist monks to Sally the yoga teacher, there is definitely a mediation video out there somewhere that suits your taste and lifestyle. Whatever kind of enlightenment you wish to achieve, there is a mediation video out there waiting for you to seek it out and relax to.

7. Buddhist Chants

It’s not really odd to relax to this but actually used by many people. At some point in our life, we have probably heard a Buddhist chant, could be a visit to Asia or from Hollywood movies. It is almost expected from the religion that embodies peacefulness and the monks are full of zen. From the legendary “Ohm” chants to Tibetan monk chants, there’s just something relaxing about Buddhism chants that one can relax to and cleanse the mind.

8. Property Tour Videos

You don’t actually have to purchase a property but you can always browse them online. There are tons of guided tours of homes across the world. It’s easy to relax to and let yourself get lost in the fantasy as though you were purchasing it for yourself. At some point we’ve all browse extraordinary things and thought “Man, if I had the money, I would definitely buy this” – well same goes to property videos. Can’t hurt to dream can it ? Browsing lake houses, exotic forest homes in Japan, or a log cabin in Norway is oddly relaxing. These property videos do have their own relaxing charm.

9. Firearm Videos

Now you don’t have to be American to watch these. Shooting guns do have stress relieving capabilities just like how guys enjoy slapping rice at supermarkets for no reason, it’s satisfying and oddly relaxing. So watching someone empty out a cartridge on a target is oddly satisfying and relaxing. To turn it up a notch you could even watch military ones where they take it to a whole new level of ‘brrrrrrrrttt’. However, if you are anti-gun, you should probably skip this as a relaxation choice.

10. Prank Videos

Everybody loves a good old prank, so why not sit down, relax, and just watch some pranks. Thankfully, there are tons of pranksters out there doing endless prank videos for you to sit at home and enjoy comfortably. In fact, it might even teach you what pranks you should NOT do, perhaps get some inspiration to carry out some harmless pranks on your family ? Everybody could use a good laugh.

11. Fishing Videos

Thankfully there is something called editing, so you don’t have an hour long video on some random dude waiting for a bite. For the fishing enthusiasts, this could either be relaxing or agitating as you judge fellow fisherman skills. As for the rest of us, it’s just interesting and rather relaxing watching people fish outdoors. The sound of nature probably helps in the relaxation part.

12. Bonsai Videos

Nature, Art, Craftsmanship, Timeless Values, and Simplicity all in one video that you can oddly relax to. There is something about watching Bonsai Masters explain and craft Bonsai trees that is highly therapeutic. Honestly, I think ASMR plays a hidden part as the sound of foliage, scraping dirt, and the presenters themselves all having a calm soothing tone. It also gives you something to focus on and clear your mind. It might even inspire a new hobby.

13. Japanese Sushi Chef Videos

Listening to the chefs talk about their craft, especially in Japanese with english subtitles is a new found genre of tranquility. The way they explain their craft that took them years to master, the level of intricate details into making the food and beautiful presentation. It’s just oddly relaxing. Warning: you might get extremely hungry as well.

14. Travel Videos

This is pretty obvious. People travel mainly to explore and relax. After all, these videos showcase luxury hotels, fun spots, relaxing spas and magnificent beaches, how can you not feel relax after being immersed with such sights and sounds. You could relax in a Villa in Bali, stay in a luxury hotel in Italy, lay down in the Swiss Alps or even go canoeing in the Rocky Mountains; the potential that travel videos offers for relaxation is exceptional.

15. Space Documentary/Videos

To be honest this is one of my personal favorites. Something about the grandeur of space, the mysteries it encompasses is quite unlike any other video out there. Surprisingly, there is a large following of people that enjoy relaxing to space videos. The narration of documentaries is typically calming added with the explanation of outer space and its almighty fascinating qualities, it’s nearly impossible not to be relaxed when indulging in such videos. NASA should really consider putting up specific ASMR videos because they are so relaxing that it actually aids some people with sleep. So why not drift off into your own Universe with such documentaries or videos.

16. Submarine & Deep sea Videos

The opposite of space, instead of leaving the Earth, we are diving into the ocean to explore the unknown right on our home turf. There’s something captivating about our oceans, perhaps because water gave us life ? Or what’s really down there and what secrets does it hold ? It definitely is an odd genre of videos one can relax to but nevertheless, absolutely calming and intriguing.

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