A Quick look at Smart home technologies and Home security

Smart Home Security: It Does More Than Just Keeping Perps Away!

Once upon a time, home security systems were nothing but a bunch of cameras controlled by a perplexing control panel. However, these systems sure have come a long way since then. Now people can install smart home security in their homes with ease. These setups are not only better than the old-school technologies but also much more efficient and user-friendly.

Even a few years back, home security was limited to cameras hung over doors. Now, we can install multiple cameras in the vicinity of our homes or workplaces. Not only that, but we can also make use of various sensors as well. With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) in this field, home security is now soaring to unimaginable levels. 

What is Smart Home Security?

Smart home security is a personal home setup with which you can surveil your home. In addition to that, you can pre-install other features such as countermeasures for environmental hazards such as detecting fire breakouts or water leakage. Again, you will be able to control various electronic gadgets such as light, fridges, air-conditioners, etc. 

Although each component of a smart home can be controlled individually, their primary purpose is to carry out tasks on their own when you are absent.

For example, if a person breaks into your home while you are not present, the security system will inform you as well as the police. Some of the basic features cover things like programming them to water the garden, feed the pet, or turn the lights on and off at certain times.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence For Reliable Home Security

Artificial Intelligence is a relatively new term. In the mid 20th century, when computing units were still at their developing stage, this term was introduced. Since then, people have researched this topic relentlessly, and today, we are witnessing the results in various sectors, including home security. 

Due to artificial intelligence, we can control any device with a voice-command now. The systems we install are actually intelligent(smart), and they can make the necessary and proper judgment based on collected data.

Due to the integration of AI, we can now work with full focus in our workplaces, confidently knowing that our home is safe. All of this credit goes to artificial intelligence because it is the foundation of smart home security.

What Can Smart Home Security Really Do?

24/7 Surveillance:

Smart home securities can keep your home under surveillance 24/7. If any of these cameras detect any suspicious activity, you will be notified immediately. The cameras can also be used to keep tabs on kids or pets. These usually works as long as they have a power source.

If you are afraid that someone might try to break in during a power outage, you can get one of the systems that comes with a backup power source.

Also, most smart home security is preprogrammed with a feature to relay an automated emergency message to notify law enforcement or dedicated security personals that will check-in on you, after all, the power failure might be a malfunction or intentional event. Therefore, you can be reassured you are constantly guarded.

Protection from Environmental Hazards:

The security systems come with multiple sensors. These sensors detect leakage of water, gas leaks, or an outbreak of fire. In such a situation, they will inform you and take all the necessary measures to minimize the damage. 

Other perks included consist of features such as detecting how much snow is piling up outside your home and automated alerts for natural disasters or bad weather. For instance, families living in a hail-storm prone neighborhood that left their car outside would be reminded by the Smart Home to move it to a better location such as the garage.

Controls Ambient Lighting:

Imagine going to bed, thinking that you are going to fall asleep the moment you crash. Once you are there, you just realize that the kitchen light is turned on downstairs. Or maybe you forgot to turn the oven off. In a smart home, you can turn anything on or off with a simple voice command or through your smartphone. This means you will not have to go through the pain of getting up again. 

With the help of light sensors, specific home security systems even adjust the brightness according to natural light. Which is better for your eyes and aids sleep as it soothes you back to the natural circadian rhythm while living in a digitized world.

Ability to Set Security Passwords for Added Protection:

In smart homes, you can set different security passwords for different rooms or vaults of your home. In fact, every time someone unlocks or tries to open any protected lock, you will be notified immediately.

Minimize Expenses:

Smart home security systems keep track of your behavioral pattern. If unfortunately, you forget to turn off the extra devices, the system will do the job for you and saves you from a lot of charges and unexpected utility bills.

Control Everything With Your Smartphone:

The best thing about smart home security is that you can carry the entire security control panel inside your pocket. With your smartphone, you can control every function of the security system from a remote place instantaneously! You could be in the bathroom or out jogging, your home’s defense is at the palm of your hands to engage any potentially harmful activities.

Why Should You Go For Smart Home Security?

Better than Old-fashioned Security Systems:

Previously, security systems were manual, and they had large control panels that alone needed a separate room to house them. But now, the smart home security is not only better, but it can also be remotely controlled from ay distance with a smartphone or dedicated mobile device such as a control pad.

Keeps Your Family and Properties Safe from perpetrators:

You never know when you would find someone lurking in your backyard and having a few cameras around your house won’t hurt. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Some even have professional features such as a full lockdown at night securing your house while you’re asleep the moment it detects suspicious activities such as humans climbing over the fence. There are many more amazing security features that can be custom installed for your Smart home so that whatever worries or fear you might have, is put at ease.

Facial recognition technology also allows your home to recognize family members, only raising alerts and defence when it detects an unidentified individual or individuals.

Protection from Unforeseen Environmental hazards:

You leave your house vulnerable not only to people but also to the natural elements. Nature is unpredictable and there is no certainty how it would act. Having smart home security can back you up when you are not around.

Saves Money by Curtailing Any Additional Expense:

Who likes to pay more? No one! And with this home security technology, you will not have to pay anymore than you need to. The system will maintain the usage of various devices which, in turn, will reduce the overall expense.

Smart homes monitor everything you’d want them to monitor, they serve the information to the homeowners who are the true masters, allowing them to make informed decisions and take the necessary course of action if required.


Getting a smart home with security systems incorporated is totally worth it. The prices have decreased dramatically while the inverse happened because of technological advances.

With these smart home security systems, we have total control over our own properties, and we can finally rest assured, knowing that our family and assets are safe. If a dedicated smart home is too much financial pressure right now, you could always start small. This could be a simple Alexa device, a smart fridge, smart garden lights, video door security, or smart air-conditioners. Protect your home with one of these fantastic smart home technologies and available security systems.

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