Awesome things you can do as a Billionaire

$1,000,000,000 dollars. Yes, you read that right, 9 zeroes! With that amount of money in your bank account, Billionaires can do a ton of awesome things, that some people could only dream of doing. 

1. Collect dinosaur fossils

What can billionaires do? How about collecting prehistoric dinosaur bones! Your guests would be left awestruck and speechless as well when they see your dinosaur fossil collection.

Imagine going home to your house, which is possibly one the finest properties out there, to a 40 foot (12 meters) tall dinosaur skeleton, it could be a T-Rex, velociraptor, or any species that you adore. And who doesn’t love dinosaurs ? You probably wouldn’t stop at 1 and desire an entire collection. 

Nothing screams awesome like owning the remains of ancient beasts that use to rule the earth millions of years ago. Even before mankind become what we are today.

A dinosaur collection is simply an amazing statement, why ? It’s a freaking real dinosaur remain, who has that ? Successful people that’s who, no doubt about that.

2. Investments. Money makes money 

Wealthy people often stay wealthy and in fact grow their wealth and power. This is not only beneficial for you but your family and generations to come. A form of legacy that most elites like to pass down. So billionaires can do certain things with money, which is making more money.

Similar to the traditions of old kingdoms, one will always be royalty as long as royal blood flows within you. However, in modern times, that royal blood for most people would be substituted with money. Perhaps, review certain financial prospects such as properties, businesses, startups, and monitor the world markets.

One can never be too careful when their net-worth determines their way of life. Always stay vigilant, plan your finances wisely and safeguard that money.

3. Order gourmet food, dine like nobility

Lobster ? Caviar ? Truffle ? Wagyu Beef ? One can have it all when you are truly wealthy. So what can billionaires do when they are hungry ? Answer is every delicacy conceivable is no longer out of bounds! You could always have such premium ingredients readily available to whip up stunning dishes.

If you enjoy cooking you could always prep it. Otherwise, a high-networth individual like yourself would have no issue getting a dedicated kitchen crew and private chef. 

No food or drinks is off-limits, whatever you want you can have it. Craving something your local area does not carry? Get it air-flown and shipped within a day directly to your home. Modern logistics have improved tremendously so nothing is out of reach and waiting times are reduced significantly.

Also, it is wise to not get too carried away and remember to watch your diet. Billionaires would want to remain healthy and fit to continue maintaining the empire they’ve achieved and enjoy more delicacies in the future. 

4. Book a future flight to space

Now this one tops the list of things regarding what billionaires can do. Often, wealthy people have no travel restrictions, there is no country they can’t set foot in and no oceans they can’t explore.

However, the rich do have one limit, you guessed it, the final frontier, outer space! Now, we know physical limitations is imposed on some wealthy people but not a certain percentage of elites.

Currently, a near earth flight to space can easily cost over $200,000 for one person, and your flight will last for only 3 hours and probably experience less than 20 minutes of actual zero-gravity.

Nevertheless, you would have been one of the few humans to catch an actual glimpse of Earth from space along with the majestic views of space itself. You technically “left earth” which not many, not even millionaires can say. Unless you’re an Astronaut, chances are 99.99% of people on earth would never have the chance to visit space in their entire lifetime, not even for 5 minutes. 

Your success granted you what others cannot achieve, you would join a special group of humans, approximately 0.0001% out of the 7 billion humans on Earth in this lifetime that have seen the Earth and Space from such viewpoints. 

Current flights are near-earth but for future flights, we are talking human spaceflight to the moon and other planets. The only billionaire booking this now is a Japanese billionaire who booked a flight to the moon with Elon Musk’s SpaceX program. Unless you are an astronaut, money is probably the only way any civilian can visit space in the current and future decades to come, could you be that successful and special civilian?

5. Collect exquisite artworks

The rich and powerful adore fine artwork as it represents exquisite taste and an eye for quality. It is a timeless and classic statement one can possibly have. The artworks hold deep meanings and some could potentially contain rich history.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but whatever you choose, it would be fine art. 

6. Attain a meteorite

Yes, a meteorite. Another mindblowing aspect of what billionaires can do. An actual rock from outer space that fell to Earth. There is an actual market dedicated to selling a select few, such precious artifacts. Most meteorites are crafted into luxurious jewelry for the rich and powerful as a symbol they would hold on to. 

It really is a statement in itself without much explanation and a true beauty to behold. Because what you possess, is something that has traversed the universe, past countless galaxies, crossing several stars and reached the earth despite all the probable planets out there.

How much more impressive can it get, a piece of our mystifying and majestic universe, right in your hands. Which some might not even get to experience in their lifetime.

7. Getting all the latest technology

Rich and powerful people don’t really need to ask should I get this. If they want it they can have it. Why get one laptop when you can have two, perhaps even one computer in each room of your luxurious property.

Acquire the latest phone, the fastest internet, the best computer in the market or digitize your entire home into a smart home. So basically, what billions can do is that they can acquire all the fun modern toys. Become the real Iron man, the real Tony Stark. You could even own a personal submarine to simply see fishes underwater, that is simply mind-boggling.

Want an exoskeleton for exercising ? The best sound system for hosting mega parties ? A drone that follows and documents your vacation ? Your own state-of-the-art yacht ? A robotic butler ? Fastest private helicopter ? These just sounds like pure fun and happiness! Nothing is off-limits when you’re at this level of success.

8. Insanely Amazing Toilets

The call of nature is a different experience at the level of a Billionaire. We are talking state-of-the-art bathrooms where nearly everything can be controlled by its master.

High-quality bidets with precision washing, because why wipe yourself when something can do it for you. Golden toilet seat ? You got it ! Rainshower ? You got it ! Private Jaccuzzi ? You got it !

Every luxury feature you find in spas, hotels, or any exclusive locations, can all be conveniently setup and located in your own personal toilet. A toilet isn’t simply a mundane necessity, it’s an experience on its own when you’re a Billionaire.

10 minutes? You could stay probably in there for two hours yet remain highly satisfied when your toilets are ridiculously amazing.

9. Private Jets.

Private jets. The symbol of the elites and their wealth status. Adored by big-name celebrities, millionaires, and billionaires. Definitely a luxurious and badass way to travel. Something that billionaires can definitely do is travel in style.

Nothing says “I am important” like having a private chauffeur to the airport, private airport entrance, private lounge, private check-in, private security, personal pilots, and tailored customer service. The interiors of private jets also exude luxury with exquisite furnishing that takes flying to a whole new level.

Private jets are truly a home in the sky. Choose your own colour, put your own name, fly with the pilots in the cockpit, do whatever, it is your plane! So what private jet would you get?

10. Build a statue of yourself

World leaders, the rich and powerful all throughout history had statues of themselves or huge monuments made to signify their personal glorious achievements.

What would you want to build ? Your own pyramid ? A 20 foot statue of yourself ? Have your face carved into a mountain on land you bought over ? A powerful and successful person can easily have any of this done and it sure makes one hell of a statement no doubt.

But if you want something less conspicuous, the classic stone carving of your head placed on a pillar like the ones shown in museums is pretty simple and makes a decent decoration that still exerts the undeniable aura of its owner.

When you wield this kind of power, there are no questions about what billionaires can do. You could create an art gallery of yourself with different variations. Nobody loves you more than yourself, you are the best.

11. Get Luxurious Properties

When you’re rich and powerful, you would want to stay in the best of the best properties and neighbourhood. But that neighbourhood would probably be empty because well, when you are this successful, you probably wouldn’t have a neighbour in the first place.

Billionaire properties sit on huge land space giving you freedom, enjoyment, and privacy. Your closest neighbour would probably be another rich person that is miles away. And rich people usually get along with other rich people, so it’s all good.

Acquiring acres of land is no issue at this point and most wealthy elites don’t buy prebuilt homes, the get an architect to build a brand new one from scratch to suit their personal taste which is understandable.

There are no limits, you can built a helipad, one, two, or even three pools. You can have private tennis or basketball courts, bowling alleys and who could forget the classic home movie theatre.

Your property can be one of the most beautiful and luxurious in the world. Rain bath, automated curtains, jacuzzi in the bathroom, gold pillars everything is possible and nobody says no to you. You get what you want and that is how you shop like a billionaire.

12. Acquire a building, rename and repurpose it to something spectacular

In today’s modern landscape, nothing is more impressive than standing infront of a tall building or skyscraper and saying “that’s mine”. Owning your building is like owning a castle in modern times where you are the royal highness that owns it.

Getting access to any floors you want, excellent views, simply looking down at the hustle and bustle or enjoy the majestic view from the top — a building grants you that. 

Another perk of owning a building? You get to name it, and we all know one person who did it, the building is called Trump tower. That is one heck of a statement in today’s society.

It’s also a pretty good investment by itself, one that only a rare few can possess. Seen by thousands from miles away, like how people point out the pyramids in Egypt, it simply can’t be ignored.

13. Browse Exquisite Jewelleries

From old monarchies to present day elites, jewelries has always been a timeless symbol to convey your status and presence. From diamond necklaces to exquisite watches, these are made by expert craftsmen and only available to a select few in the entire world. And that can be you or it already is. 

Why own one when you can have an entire private collection to admire and showcase. Luxury jewelry for either men or women are able to withstand the test of time and are often passed from one generation to another. Most of them still retain their majestic value or even increasing it with time.

Even if say a rare watch had an issue, which is highly unlikely for watches of such caliber, there would definitely be experts ready to restore it to a pristine condition and revive its glory.

14. Get the latest imposing cars

What can billionaires do? How about getting not one — but multiple exotic cars. Being rich isn’t complete without owning a luxurious car collection. We’re talking Lamborghini, Bentleys and Bugattis.

Supercars are an absolute joy to ride and look at, you can’t refuse it when offered to you. There are no limits when you’re shopping at such levels, you ride the best and feel like the best.

Family cars are also easily achievable with the makes of Roll-Royce, yes a RR can be a family car for the elite. Range rovers, Jeeps, or Porsche SUVs along with other big names out there are on standby with their premium selections readily available for your viewing and acquirement.

15. Browse Yachts

Nearly every high profile person has a yacht, often parked in a private dockyard or when you’re this successful, park right at your own personal dock that leads right up to your beautiful property. 

Perfect for entertaining guests, be it a simple cruise, taking it out on diving trips, going fishing on it with your kids or throwing mad parties, a yacht is nice to have in a rich person’s arsenal.

For the truly wealthy, like what can billionaires can do, is the ability to customize the yacht however you wish. The ones readily available are good but having a customized state-of-the-art yacht made especially for you just takes it to a whole new level.

What colour would you like your yacht to be and what would you name it ? What would you do with it ? 

16. Rare banking cards & banking privileges

When you’re rich, banks find you instead of you going to them. Chances are you already have a special banking card and a dedicated team of bank employees and executives that will serve you once you hit billionaire status.

Services are tailored to you and all forms of rewards and experiences are granted to a high profile person like you. However some wealthy do have that competitive spirit in them and would try to outdo one another.

A flashy new black card or some other mystery category card reserved especially for high rollers like you, that most cannot see or touch would certainly be a nice statement to have along with the perks it carries.

17. Check-Out Beautiful Hotels

What billionaires can do is stay at high-end hotels for fun. Doesn’t matter if you own luxurious properties, staying at hotels is always pleasant, there’s just something soothing about it.

Everything is taken care of and at your level, everything is tailored to perfection and curated only for your needs. There is no “Can’t” only “Yes”. Some hotels are also situated in areas where residential properties are off-limits, restrictions imposed by governments. Therefore, hotels provide a unique experience one can only achieve with them. So a prestigious person like you would only stay in the best suites with the grandest views.

Everything is achievable for you and nothing is off-limits. The hotel industry has hundreds of years worth of knowledge in providing relaxation and wonderful experience to its clients and you are no exception. Be prepared to be pampered like royalty and relax unlike any other day. 

18. Invitations to prestigious private clubs

Most elites are part of a “Special Club” where similarly powerful and wealthy people meet up. For instance, the Ferrari owners club is one of the more common and renown ones. 

There is definitely an exclusive club for whatever you prefer to join. Often these clubs would track you down and invite your personally but if there is something you’re more incline to, you could always reach out as well.

Acceptance is almost guaranteed for individuals such as yourself due to the nature of the requirements and exclusivity often found in such private clubs.

It would be nice to meet fellow like-minded individuals and form connections with people that are similarly as influential as you. Be it for true friendship with the people that actually understand your way of life or to form business connections. Why not give it a go?

19. Revamp your entire house

When millionaires or billionaires say they want to redecorate or revamp their house, they don’t mean painting one wall and repositioning couches. We’re talking engineers, interior designers, architects and a full-on dedicated construction team to get what the owners want at the fastest rate while providing excellent craftsmanship. 

This is possible as well because rich people would simply relocate to a second or third property that they possess while the one they are renovating is still under works.

The renovation has no limits. When truly rich people want something built in a certain area, they don’t get answers like “the foundation is too weak or we can’t do it here”, that’s a big no-no. The answers they get is simply the word “Ok”.

You want a high-tech tree house, you got it, you want 3 pools and 3 gardens, you got it, you want a bedroom with 30 foot (10 meters) ceilings, you’ve got it ! You decide how you want to live your life, not others, there are no restrictions, the best house for only the best.

20. Boss of the Bosses

Last but not least, you might be wondering whose more extraordinary than millionaires? Well it’s people richer than the rich people, the billionaires. What can billionaires do? When billionaires enter the room, even the millionaires have to remain quiet. That’s how influential billionaires are.

When millionaires have to personally head to work and report the status of a business to someone, you know a billionaire is around here somewhere, the boss of the bosses.

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