Best Teas To Drink For A Relaxing Afternoon

To be honest, any time of the day is perfect for relaxing with a cup of tea. However there’s just something calming and soothing about mid-day afternoon.

Perhaps it is because most of us are usually at work or at school unless it’s the weekend. Tea provides us a sensational escape back to nature with its inviting freshness that reminds us of the soothing forest, flowing creeks, and chirping birds. A nice hot cup of relaxing tea is truly a perfect way to unwind, relax, and simply appreciate the environment.

1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is derived from a flowering plant that yields a golden like result in your cup after being steeped.

It is popular for its scientifically-proven abilities to improve sleep and calm the body’s mind. It gives off an earthy and honey like aroma that is befitting for a relaxing afternoon. Chamomile tea tastes best when drank purely.

For a unique and enhanced experience, it can be mixed with other aromatic ingredients such as jasmine and lemongrass.

Chamomile tea is naturally decaffeinated; safe to say you won’t have sudden urges to clean or build a table, only simple relaxing thoughts would be invoked. So why not try Chamomile tea for a delightful afternoon relaxation.

Ideal Brewing Temperature for Chamomile Tea: 90°C (194 Fahrenheit)

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2. Green Tea

Green Tea, known by many, loved by all. Scientifically proven to provide various health benefits for your body and the aroma it offers is unparalleled.

Green tea is one of the most versatile teas available, drank during a simple relaxing afternoon in the garden to a meeting of world leaders.

Green tea does contain caffeine and is a drink that can be appreciated on many different occasions. Heck, the Japanese even have Onsens (hot springs) based on Green tea. If soaking your entire body in a hot pool of green tea doesn’t justify relaxation, I don’t know what will.

Green Tea Variations

Surprising to many, ‘Green tea‘ does not come in one form but like most teas, have variations as well.

Just like how not all water tastes the same due to the environment and mineral composition. Green tea prepared in different ways offer their own spectacular touch for the taste bud. Whatever you choose, it definitely befits your journey to relaxation

  • Sencha – The most commonly drank form of Green Tea, easily found in major grocery stores. With its earthy, astringent, and natural flavours, its definitely suitable as a pleasant relaxing green tea for the afternoon.
  • Matcha – Gaining high popularity in recent years, Matcha offers a rather different texture, flavor, and aroma that is refreshing, vanilla-ish, floral, and green. It often comes in the powdered form which would be known as Tencha, however, there are loose tea versions available as well.
  • Hojicha – A roasted Japanese green tea. This is the only ‘green‘ tea that isn’t green at all. When brewed, it yields an auburn color similar to red tea. It is very smooth and has a nutty flavor that is unique and on a class of its own.
  • Long Jing – Known as the “Dragon Well” tea by the Chinese, this is one of the higher-quality green tea available in the market that is harder to come by. It has a nutty flavor and aromatic notes that are green, earthy and contains a strong body. The tea leaves are also unique as they hold a different shape compared to most teas. The leaves float to the surface as well, forming a sort of exquisite natural pond in your brew. You might be slightly mesmerized by it while relaxing and sipping on your cuppa.

Ideal Brewing Temperature for Green Tea: 80°C (176 Fahrenheit)

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3. Lavender Tea

Hearing the word lavender already makes you slightly delighted and relaxed. It’s not surprising as many spas and renowned luxury hotels you have visited incorporated this wonderful ingredient into many of their relaxation methods.

Lavender tea calms the body and soothes the mind, which is definitely perfect for a relaxing afternoon. Lavender tea yields a reddish-purple hue and possesses delicate flavors which is enhanced as the aromatic floral notes hit you with every sip.

Lavender tea instills into your mind and body that euphoric feeling of running wild and carefree, as though you are in the Garden of Eden itself. You simply can’t go wrong with this classic floral drink.

Lavender tea is also naturally caffeine free. It is a beloved ingredient and a beautiful, ideal plant for the garden.

Incorporating lavender into your garden means having a copious amount of this fresh and delightful ingredient for tea brewing while soothing the mind as the wind wafts its congenial aroma into your soul. An ultimate ingredient for achieving relaxation.

Ideal Brewing Temperature for Lavender Tea: 90°C (194 Fahrenheit)

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4. Mint Tea

Mint or peppermint tea to be exact, has been drunk for centuries for the health benefits and its natural properties that can aid in digestion. It is also naturally caffeine free, so you’d only have to focus on relaxing instead of wanting to ride a bike suddenly.

Peppermint tea helps the mind relax and unwind but I would say it might even have inspiring qualities.

The minty, refreshing aroma cleanses the mind and expels negativity; this might inspire some creative thoughts as you enjoy the relaxing afternoon.

Peppermint tea has a cooling, minty, and slightly sweet taste that reminds you of the pleasant petrichor after a rainy day frolicking in a grand forest – invoking a connection with the mind and mother nature that is truly relaxing.

Ideal Brewing Temperature for Mint Tea: 85°C (185 Fahrenheit)

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5. Blooming Flower Tea

Blooming flower teas are a mesmerizing way to relax in the afternoon while enjoying an exquisite cup of tea.

Humans can’t deny the grandeur and healing properties mother nature naturally offers. This long ingrained biological connection helps soothes the mind, aiding in your quest for relaxation.

It is best to get your hands on quality flowers (or from your own garden) that is suitable for tea brewing.

The ones sold for tea brewing usually simplify the process by coming in predried forms as a rolled-up ball, simply put it in hot water. Relax while watching the flower unravel beautifully in a transparent teapot and watch it infuse your brew with the perfect flavors.

Ideal Brewing Temperature for Flower Tea: Boiling Hot – 100°C (212 Fahrenheit)

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