Languages To Learn During the Coronavirus Lockdown

1. Korean

The language of K-Pop and K-Dramas that took the world by storm. Korea’s economy and annual GDP have also risen tremendously making it a useful language to learn and have in your resume as well if you ever decide to broaden your career onto the international stage.

It is definitely a fun and interesting language to learn during the coronavirus lockdown.

And who can forget giants like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai are all Korean multinational corporations with offices and businesses worldwide.

Korean is also considered a romantic language due to the rise of Korea dramas that made girls swoon with romantic fantasies.

In fact, it is so popular it is one of the few languages where if you picked it up, there is probably a local community in your area that has an interest in it or even speaks it fluently, that’s how far and influential the Korean language has become over the years.

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2. German

At some point, we have all tried to mimic the German accent, some find it amusing, some find it rather cool. Germany is renowned by many and learning it allows you to travel to European countries such as Austra, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and of course Germany itself.

The German language is also spoken widely outside of Germany, even in the Americas due to historical reasons where many ethnic Germans now reside in.

So far, nearly every western nation has a German community present in the local community where you can practice and learn the language. Who knows they might offer you some quality beer and authentic sausages, now that alone is enough motivation for some!

Now, learning the German language during the coronavirus lockdown is not just fun and games. It has practical real-life uses as well.

Germany is one of the top countries with an outstanding GDP and a high economical presence in the world stage. Also did I mention it is Europe’s largest and strongest economy ?

With renowned German companies such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Bosch, Siemens, DHL, and many more, they all have operations worldwide ─ Therefore, learning the German language during the coronavirus lockdown is not only fun but it does have actual benefits after this whole thing blows over.

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3. Japanese

One of the main languages that comes to mind when thinking of picking up a new language. Again, Japan is another powerhouse, being the world’s third largest economy and a high ranking GDP nation.

Japan is not only technologically advanced, they understand the importance of coexisting with nature as well, allowing Japan to boast some of the most beautiful natural landscapes found in the world.

There are many reasons to learn the Japanese language during the coronavirus lockdown. Firstly, we have to address the anime lovers, Japanese is the language of many movies and animations that most of us grew up with.

Japan is the home of Sushi, Sumos, high-tech toilets, One-punch man and Naruto, Samurais, Ninjas, crazy Japanese game shows, Bonsai Trees, and countless of fascinating stuff that the world has come to appreciate and love.

There is also major Japanese presence in most countries due to the large outreach of large corporations such as Sony, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and many more in various industries across the world.

Even if your area doesn’t have actual Japanese people, due to the large global following of Japanese culture, there is definitely an interest group nearby for you to practice communication and cultural understandings. Honestly, there are too many justifications to pick up the Japanese language as the benefits it can serve after the coronavirus lockdown ends it tremendous.

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4. English

If you read till this far, you probably thought, “I’m already fluent”. Well yeah but there’s nothing wrong with learning some fancy words like “Obfuscate”, “Obsequious” or even “Crapulous” ─ yes that is a real word.

We could all brush up on our English from time to time. After-all we are consuming English content such as “Dead af“, “LMAO” and even “catch me outside how bow dat“, it is not an entirely bad idea to revisit good old plain English once in a while.

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5. Russian

Another big language that people seem to brush off when choosing a language. Some people find the Russian accent pretty harsh and scary but I honestly think the language can be beautiful and sometimes “bad-ass”.

We have always heard about Russia but how many of us actually bothered to understand the Russians and Russian culture ? It is definitely a cool and interesting language to learn during the coronavirus lockdown.

Russia is also a big player in the world’s economy and in trade. It’s a lucrative language to possess in your communication arsenal as not many people speak it, that’s why employees or translators with bilingual or multilingual skills that include Russian are often highly paid.

Let me illustrate, how many Japanese do you think speaks Russian ? How many Norwegian do you think speaks Russian ? How many Canadians speak Russian ? How many Brazilians speak Russian ? Whatever part of the world you reside in, chances are there is a Russian affiliated business that would gladly hire a local that speaks Russian.

Russia is also pretty huge, after you learn Russian during the coronavirus lockdown, you’d probably have a bucket list of cities to explore. Hospitality would be wonderful as you’d be the foreigner that speaks Russian, not many people can say that.

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6. Mandarin

The language of the Chinese people. Being a country with high GDP and the world’s second-largest economy after the United States, it is a practical language to have.

Furthermore, there is probably a Chinese community wherever your local residence is, therefore making it an easier language to practice and gain cultural understanding from.

Everybody has heard of China and indulged in some form of Chinese culture while growing up, could be movies, food, or family friends but how many can actually speak the language ?

It’s almost funny how huge Chinese presence is globally yet the people interested in speaking it is so little. There are countless of reasons to learn Mandarin simply from the sheer population size and their industrial might alone. Not to mention delicious Chinese food, you’d probably get even better service if you’d speak Mandarin at your favorite local Chinese restaurants.

As with most languages, natives treat you differently when you speak it, you’d become the foreigner that is respected and well-loved. Career-wise th ere are giants like Alibaba, Taobao, Baidu (China’s google), Huawei and the presence of ethnically Chinese citizens in nearly every country make this language one of the easier ones to gain access to in terms of communication, career prospects and cultural understanding.

Many company give priority to potential employees that speak Mandarin due to the high demand for it and benefits it can bring. Overall it’s a pretty fun, interesting, and practical language to learn during the lockdown.

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7. Arabic

The middle-east is also slowly rising in the world stage and there is a growing population of Middle-easterners in many local communities nowadays.

Some might consider this a hurdle but with enough passion and interest, it can be overcome. Most western nations also have citizens of Arabic descent, thus, having a local community presence makes any language easier to pick up and better understand the culture.

Arabic’s usefulness also spans across many different countries in the Middle-East so it is pretty handy to have if you ever wanted to branch out to work with corporations in the Middle-east. This also equates to more travel opportunities.

Again, speaking the tongue of the locals will grant you special treatment and services as people feel more comfortable and connected. People will respect you as they know you are not ignorant when you take the effort to understand a different culture.

Arabic is spoken in many middle eastern countries and some of these countries you have always heard about but never been. Great travel destinations such as Egypt, Qatar, UAE (Dubai), Saudi Arabia, Algeria and many more would easily be opened up for you when you have the ability to speak Arabic. Making this a pretty good language to learn during the coronavirus lockdown.

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8. Italian & French

Of course who could forget these two lovely languages ? Most web articles have probably covered them in-depth and I think most people would have already gotten the gist of it. So I wouldn’t want to explain more but these are two languages that are, fun, romantic, and practical to learn.

Not to mention French already has a huge following of native french speakers. Both the Italians and French have large communities outside of Europe as well due to their historical outreach to the world.

There are also many westerners that are ethnically Italian or French. Therefore, their heritage has enabled them to retain these language skills which you can gladly use to your advantage.

You honestly can’t go wrong with learning the Italian or French language. However, even if a language is immensely popular, ALWAYS learn something that your passionate about and interested in, instead of following the majority. It makes your learning experience of a new language much more exciting and easier to master.

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9. Swedish

You’re probably thinking, Swedish ? Yes, it’s not a common language that crosses everyone’s mind when think of picking up a new language. But honestly, I think it is a pretty fun, interesting and entertaining language to learn as a hobby.

Most citizens of Sweden speaks English as well, so it definitely helps when you require assistance in grammar or vocabulary.

You don’t have to be shy as the Swedish people are hospitable and would probably be more impressed that you’re even trying to learn the language. Unless you have Swedish heritage, it’s gonna be a bragging right once you mastered Swedish as most of your friends probably can’t.

Compared to Italian or French, you’d definitely stand out from the crowd simply by knowing Swedish. Not to mention Sweden is a beautiful country to live and travel in; knowing Swedish would enhance your overall traveling experience.

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10. Spanish

Spanish is also another language that is trending recently due to the medias portrayal from shows like Narcos, Money heist, or movies like Pan’s Labyrinth.

The Spanish community is also immensely huge thus you can’t help but be curious about what life would be like if you understood and spoke the language.

One thing for sure is that you would see an improvement in your daily life if you live in a community with a large Mexican or Spaniard population. Spanish is also pretty entertaining to learn and pretty fun, definitely not a mundane language to learn.

Overall it’s a pretty fun and practical language to learn during the coronavirus lockdown. “Buenos dias compadres“, to admit, at some point in our life, we probably tried to act cool and immerse ourselves in imaginary roles speaking this beautiful and magnificent language.

Spanish is spoken in places like Spain of course, Argentina, Peurto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Paraguay, and many more. Latin country would be your playground. There are around 20 countries that speak Spanish, so you’d be spoilt for travel destinations as long as your bank account allows.

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Whatever language you decide to learn during this coronavirus lockdown period, be ensured that you would only enhance yourself, there is virtually no disadvantages and it is a good way to spend your time.

We’re not going anywhere for a while either, so why not learn a new language so we can be prepared to travel everywhere afterwards ! Language encompasses communication and cultural understanding, it serves as your key to the world.

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