Why I bought an Air Fryer and Never looked back

Simplicity brought to you by modern technology.  That is how I would describe an Air fryer. If you need a reason to buy an air fryer, I’ll give you one. I have been using an air fryer since 2014, before it even became mainstream and before people joined the hype-wagon.

I was using it for virtually anything and everything because I simply couldn’t whip up a good dish. Not to mention the hassle of actually cooking and cleaning required to clear the mess afterwards. No more constant monitoring, afraid of oil-splashes or worries about any fire-hazards. With an Air-Fryer, just pop it in, wait and take ━ The beauty of it is that, it’s not that complicated !

My trusty old air fryer beside my trusty toaster. Bought this at my local hardware store couple years back and this bad boy has been solving many food crisis ever since.

At first, it was bought because using the conventional oven was simply an overkill for the dishes we were making and the maintenance needed was tougher. Also, we wanted to try oil-free alternatives to the usual deep-fried tempuras and chicken wings my family consumes frequently.

How it works

It’s basically a mini convection oven but much better and more convenient. It’s not meant to replace your oven but to work alongside it.

Scenarios ? When you just want some crispy hot nuggets ━ a conventional oven is overkill and just doesn’t cook right for some dishes ━ deep frying takes too much work, you got to whip out pots/pans, oil and clean up a big mess ━ The Air-Fryer is a blessing for situations such as this, delicious simplicity that works ! Just put it in and wait.

An Air-Fryer rapidly heats up and circulates the hot air around the food you’re preparing to cook it fast and evenly. There’s no pre-heating, preparation, or any processes to follow like traditional ovens and deep fryers do. Just put it in and wait. The food sits in a basket with a grill that allows air to flow perfectly and is able catch any form of oil that drips down into the reserve below safely and cleanly.

Cleaning it is also super easy. Just take the basket out, clean it with soap and water and you’re done, they are made of metal so they can take a beating. Certain brands have theirs coated for ‘less stick’ so the cleaning process is even easier. There is no nook and crannies, literally just wipe down the basket, let it dry and you’re done. I know, I have one.

Why I fell in love with Air-Fryers

I soon discovered that an Air-Fryer wasn’t just for a few select dishes, I was chucking everything I could find into it and the result ? THEY ALL CAME OUT DELICIOUS. That was the turning point for me honestly, frozen fries ? I tossed it in. Bacon ? I tossed it in. Buttered asparagus and roasted tomatoes ? I tossed in as well, right into the Air fryer.

Baked Chicken ? Toasted Bread ?  Hash browns, hot dogs, corn, kebabs everything was air-fried and they ALL HAD NO ISSUES. They just keep coming out delicious and well-cooked. I was an absolute convert, because to me, whatever you chucked in, it came out delicious, wayyy better than cooking over the stove and on a pan; Because traditionally, I had to control the heat properly, I had to twist and turn the ingredients and I had to keep checking my methods. For some reason (I wasn’t a great cook to begin with), an Air fryer solved all that. What started out as a fun tool, became our family’s go-to machine for cooking.

Who is going to bother whipping out a pan, fill it with a bunch of oil and deep-fry a dish when you can pop it into the Air-fryer that’s ready to go in 5 seconds. The simplicity is enough reason to get an Air Fryer if you’re lazy like me. Just throw it and start the timer. 

I have yet to find one terrible dish that came out of an Air-Fryer. I popped in some sliced carrots and kale into the air fryer one night because I was hungry, but didn’t want to eat a full-on meal and tried to be healthy. I had no expectations but boy was I wrong, the carrots and kale came out toasty hot and crispy with a flavour that I definitely couldn’t achieve if I had tried cooking it myself with something else.

We are talking about plain unseasoned carrots and kale of all things that came out delicious. All they needed was a little salt. An air fryer is honestly the greatest invention available to night owls as well because you don’t have to keep rummaging the kitchen loudly at night and waking up your family. The only sound is the small decibel of the Air-Fryer running and doing its magic.

More Great Reasons !

Simply find something that is ready to cook, tossed it in and sit down. Once it’s done take it out and enjoy your snack. No pan banging, no stove clicking no loud water noises no nothing. Just pop, wait and take. I would say it has made me pretty reliant but who cares, for the taste and effort put into it, I’ll take an air fryer over my own judgement any day !

Now there are a lot of air fryers out there with different price tags and functionalities but unless you’re a head chef in your household, the most affordable and regular air fryers will do the trick.

Get one and it will last you for years honestly, that’s countless of meals done right. Of course, the more expensive ones give you a bigger space to cook more stuff and often offer some other compartments to cook other things and have fancier settings.

But honestly, my old generic air-fryer has lasted me until today and it’s still working in tip-top condition and this is coming from someone who has a family that uses it nearly every single day of the year, that’s how convenient and good an air-fryer performs.

Even when I head over to my buddies house and we tried to whip up some snacks, I’d be looking for an air fryer because using an oven takes way longer, waste more energy and a real overkill for some guys who just want some nuggets. It’s even worst if they don’t even have an oven, we would be at a loss because the only way left to cook certain things would be to whip out a pan and use oil and all the troubles it encompasses. But if they were at my house, my trusty old air fryer would have got the job done in 10 minutes and we could be back focusing on what’s important.

If I were to ever relocate, you can bet that my air fryer is something I’m not leaving behind. Once it eventually breaks down, which I have honestly yet to encounter after all these years. You can bet the first thing I’m doing is visiting the nearest kitchen appliance store to get myself a brand new one. Because honestly, I can’t live without it.

People always say to me, you can always use something else or do this or do that instead, but no, once you’re a convert to the air-fryer community, you can’t go back. The only way you can stop me from using an air-fryer is if the power goes out, I’m not kidding ! When a contraption can cook virtually anything you want, deliciously at that, for little effort and less oil, I don’t understand how people wouldn’t want an air fryer. It’s literally one of the best kitchen appliances you can buy that’s worth every penny and last for years. Again, giving you countless of meals done right.

Where to get one

You can easily purchase one from online stores like Amazon instead of having to drive down and carry it home. Air-Fryers are readily available everywhere due to the recent popularity and more people are actually starting to discover how convenient and beneficial it truly is. Here’s some recommendations:

➥ Ninja AF101 Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps and Dehydrates, with 4 Quart Capacity, and a High Gloss Finish➥ Philips | TurboStar Technology Airfryer – Digital Interface

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