Why the world is going crazy over Japanese Toilets

Japanese Toilets and Bidets: The Ultimate Butt Sanitization!

The world is constantly evolving. Everything around us is becoming more ‘futuristic’ with the incorporation of modern technology. But wait ! Aren’t you using the same toilet that your great-granddad did in the previous century? I guess you are. 

Then perhaps you are missing out on the world of amazing Japanese toilet seats. Just go to your bathroom and take a look, there is no trace of innovation at all.

In the meantime, our Japanese friends have invented amazing toilets or bidets to be exact, that perfected hiney hygiene. Now, let us tell you why you would love to have a Japanese toilet/bidet also known as a washlet, in your home!

TOTO Toilet:

What Is a Japanese Bidet Toilet?

As humankind is fusing electronics into everything, our Japanese friends decided to give that a go with toilets as well. The result was fantastic! These toilets have a bidet.

In laymen terms — it is a toilet seat designed specifically for genitalia hygiene. It encompasses a pipe that will clean your bottom or genital area with water. They are installed on the inner part of the toilet. 

But that’s not over! These Japanese toilet seats come with an array of buttons attached to or near the toilet seat. They have a variety of functions other than just cleansing.

For example, you can heat the toilet seat. You can even change the temperature of the bidet’s water or activate a dryer as well. Who knew your butt could enjoy such luxuries? Well, the Japanese did, and it is an amazing discovery.

Some toilets come with built-in motion sensors that open the lid every time a person walks into the room. And that is not all. They have developed the latest model that can speak ! Wait what !? Then again, who doesn’t want a talking toilet? Say goodbye to regular primitive toilet paper, we are living in the future now ladies and gentlemen.

A Brief History of Talking Toilets

The first model of modern Japanese toilets/bidets came out in Japan in 1980. Almost three-quarters of households in Japan are equipped with these toilets. The world is seriously missing out on these amazing Japanese toilet seats.

Japanese companies such as ‘Toto’ is accredited for manufacturing these toilets first and producing some of the finest toilets worldwide. If you have ever visited upscale places such as high-end hotels, you’d find Toto. Their guests deserve the best for their entire body.

Toto is considered the “Apple of toilets”, and they are still in business. More Japanese companies like INAX and Panasonic are making these electronic toilets as well. Let’s just say, the Japanese have perfected the art of answering nature’s call that puts our regular toilets to shame.

Features of High-Tech Japanese Bidet Toilets

Toto Toilet – Remote (Front view)

Toto Toilet – Remote (Back view)

Hassle-Free Automated Washer:

Unlike the hand-held bidet showers, these bidets are pre-installed in the toilets. They remain in a sealed compartment. With the push of a button, a contraption will emerge and clean your derrière with water while you sit back and relax. Welcome to the world of Japanese toilet seats, you’re living in the future now.

Avoid Frostbite with Water Temperature Adjustments:

In the bleak mid-winter, it is only natural that you want to avoid spraying your rear with icy cold water. But with these Japanese toilets, you can adjust the temperature of the water to suit your needs very quickly. 

Adjustable Water Pressure:

You can set the force of the water level to your desired settings. So in case you were worried — no it doesn’t hurt ‘you know where’, these Japanese toilet seats were designed thoughtfully and you’d be just fine.

Warm Seat for the Winter:

We all know how bizarre seating on a cold seat feels and it is just preposterous! With the heated seats of these Japanese toilet seats, you can avoid this horrible experience. Talk about ingenious common sense and why aren’t all our toilets designed like these !?

Self-Sterilizing Nozzle:

Don’t worry. The spraying nozzle will remain in a separate compartment when you are not using it. And technology allows the nozzle to sterilize itself after usage, thus, your hygiene concerns have been addressed.

Built-In Deodorizer:

These toilets often come with an air-deodorizer that keeps the toilet from getting stinky. The Japanese are known to be respectful and polite, so a stinky toilet is of course a big no-no ! This should be a mandatory feature worldwide. Designed with courtesy in mind, it’s simply amazing.

Automated Lid:

These Japanese toilet seats come integrated with motion sensors. The sensors allow the lid to open by itself once a person comes nearby. No touching of seats because your hands are meant to be clean! We aren’t cavemen! The machine does the heavy-lifting, you simply let your body do its thing.

Night Light:

For a premium experience, some toilets even come with night lights that add a different level to the ambiance of exquisite bathroom usage.

Hand-held Bidet Showers: The Inexpensive Approach!

If you feel that a Japanese toilet with built-in bidets and all that futuristic features is an overkill solution for you, you can consider a bidet shower.

These bidet showers are like hand-showers hung from a wall near the toilet seat. However, you have to use these manually with your own hands. With the plus-point being that you can install them with any toilet seat even without a power supply. Just aim and shoot!

Although the experience is not as comfortable as Japanese toilet seats with high-tech bidets, it is far more hygienic than using tissue papers only, and inexpensive too!

What Makes a Japanese Bidet Toilet Better ?

Hiney Hygiene Perfected:

In most parts of the world, it is still custom to use toilet papers after taking a dump. However, it is quite unhygienic and can lead to severe injuries as well.

As most people have been following this method since birth, they are less inclined towards shifting to a whole new practice. Nonetheless, even scientific researchers are suggesting the use of water instead. Do you wipe stains off your car or do you power-wash it? Make sense doesn’t it.

When you are using a tissue, you are not getting rid of the residue completely. The remains can cause infection, bad smells, and is simply unhygienic. You’d want to avoid that. The surest way to make sure that you are entirely safe and fresh is to use water. And these Japanese toilets can take care of that.

Maintaining hygiene is a must for living a healthy life. With these Japanese toilet seats and advanced bidets, you will get a fresh feeling while keeping yourself safe from diseases.


Sure, hand-held bidets can be used as well. However, the automated Japanese bidets installed in these toilets work with the touch of a button. With these Japanese toilets, you can continue texting on your phone, continue playing mobile games, or even continue watching important sporting events, all while getting your sensitive area washed. It’s completely hands-free.

Other than this, these high-tech Japanese toilet seats come with various features that are bound to provide a more comfortable experience. 

Your bathroom needs an upgrade

Okay, maybe the Japanese took things a bit too far with the talking toilets. But take a look at the standard models. With these, you will be able to lead a cleaner and healthier life more comfortably than ever.

According to industry statistics, using a bidet is also much more environmentally friendly and wayyy cleaner. The manufacturing process that went into producing toilet paper used thousands of gallons of water. For what? A portion of that water that went into industrial machinery making toilet paper could have been used to clean your butt in 5 seconds.

With these Japanese bidet toilets, you’d never worry about toilet paper anymore, and with that extra grocery money saved, you could buy something else that is actually useful.


It is high time you got out of the practice of using toilet papers only. This practice not only costs you more, but it harms you in more ways than you know.

Luckily for you, the Japanese toilets can provide you with a much more sanitary and comfortable experience. We aren’t cavemen anymore and it’s time we cleaned our butts right! Get yourself a Japanese inspired toilet today. A good toilet can last you for years and you spend decades in one! Why not get the best and most comfortable for your body.

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